A complete communications solution. For half the cost.

8x8 Virtual Office business phone solution is a hosted PBX that provides all of your phone services with one business solution. With little upfront investment and low monthly fees, you can cut your monthly costs dramatically.

8x8 Virtual Office Pro integrates our great phone services with advanced unified communications like web conferencing, Internet fax, call recording, and more.

  • Reduce your phone bill by 50%—For one low monthly rate, get unlimited local and long distance calling; free calls between offices; and voicemail.
  • Little up-front costs—There’s no on-site PBX hardware or software required. Simply connect our sleek IP phones to your existing Internet connection and you are ready to make and manage calls.
  • Advanced Fortune 500 features—Get the same advanced features that Fortune 500 businesses are used to. Without the extra cost, you get features like auto attendant, voicemail, Caller ID, call forwarding, conferencing and more.
  • No IT staff required—Since the 8x8 services are fully integrated, we manage the system for you. You don’t have to pay for maintenance contracts or forklift upgrades. Plus, there is an admin portal to manage your moves, adds, and changes. Changes are simply a click away.

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Compare Total Cost of Ownership

Every office and situation is different. For illustrative purposes, we took two typical business telecom situations and calculated a probable total cost of ownership comparison between a typical telephone solution and an 8x8 Virtual Office solution.

We stacked the deck against ourselves. We assumed that there were no up-front costs for the “old system” and we assumed there were no costs for ongoing maintenance and upgrades. We didn’t even factor in promotions.

Compare Total Cost of Ownership
8x8 Virtual Office vs. a Traditional Phone System*

SituationA small office with 2 phone lines with basic features like Caller ID, a fax line, and average long distance calling.A small office with 10 employees, an 800#, a fax line and some international calling.A large enterprise with over 100 employees and multiple locations
Previous monthly spend on telcom services$150/month$1,000/monthFor larger business, each situation is unique.
Payback in months to cover the cost of the new IP phones6 months4 monthsTypically 3-4 months
Estimated Year 1 Savings$400$3,400Depending on the network configuration, savings can be significant. Please call for a consultation and quote
Estimated Year 2 Savings$1,200$8,600Depending on the network configuration, savings can be significant. Please call for a consultation and quote

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