The Best Technology Solutions for Recruitment


Sourcing the right talent means you need to remain engaged, flexible and agile. Speed up the screening of candidates using video conferencing and collaborate over multiple locations. 8x8 will work with you on a future ready communications solution.

  • Never miss a call – calls can go anywhere, with mobile apps, voicemail to email, on any device
  • Real-time analytics – enable fast decision making and performance management
  • Integration – add people and locations quickly, integrating with recruitment applications


Tangent owners prefer 8x8 business phone service

Tangent International is a specialist recruitment company for the technology industry, working with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world. To work efficiently, the company needs a communications system with a global reach. 8x8’s cloud solution seamlessly enables phone calls, conference calls, and videoconferencing to keep Tangent International at the top of their game.

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Making recruitment more efficient

At 8x8 we appreciate the value of face-to-face meetings, we have helped many of our recruitment customers screen candidates faster with video interviews, saving time and cost per hire whilst significantly reducing their travel expenses.

Watch how 8x8 Video Meetings can help reduce your recruitment process.

Recruitment industry wastes more than a quarter of the working week on inefficient practices.

Our new nationwide study of recruitment consultants finds that despite a substantial desire to integrate new technology into established processes, the average consultant still wastes more than 10 hours every week. To find out more and see how technology can help your recruitment business, read our infographic and top tips research


Deliver Informed Customer Service

8x8 works with the tools you already use—like Bullhorn, Salesforce and Outlook—to help you impress and connect with your clients. See who’s calling and view their individual histories before you even pick up the phone, with ready made integration with popular customer relationship management software. Your clients will love having a consultant who calls them by name and can help them when they need it.


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