For residents, time is the new currency


Eight ways local authorities can speed up “time to resolution” and radically transform their citizens’ experience.

Levelling the field

When it comes to council services, an unhappy customer doesn’t have many options to “take their business elsewhere”. And yet, with 61 percent of residents dissatisfied with overall council service and 76 percent displeased with complaints resolution1, it’s a fair bet that many would if they could.

Local authorities around the UK are getting to grips with the challenge. More and more are responding energetically to residents’ heightened service expectations, conditioned by slick and seamless contact experiences in retail and other parts of the private sector, where creative “disruptors” frequently change the game.

But it’s not just about playing customer experience catch-up. As central government funding drops, councils are acutely aware of the need to reduce costs while also making the most effective use of taxpayers’ money.

The best of both worlds…

The good news? The technology already exists to help them do exactly that, while at the same time delivering a radically enhanced service experience. Yes, we’re talking about cloud communications, which a few trailblazing councils are already using to great effect.

A major advantage of cloud communications is its ability to save your customers that most precious and scarce of commodities: time. In our recent survey of 2,000 council residents, wasted time was a constant refrain. On average, callers waited seven minutes and had to speak to at least two different people before getting through to the right department. In 21 percent of cases, they had to interact with three or more council employees to solve their issue.

But convenience is only half the story. As councils are acutely aware, slow access to vital service information can have serious repercussions for people’s lives. For our survey respondents, the knock-on effects of slow service include missed bin collections (33%), missed rent payments (17%), avoidable parking charges (18%), illegal dumping of rubbish and more.

Eight ways cloud communications make the difference

The answer? Replace your on-premise communications with a single, integrated cloud-based platform. By unifying voice, video, messaging and contact centre capabilities your council can quickly become a far more empowering and cost-effective resource for citizens.

Do that and suddenly, all this becomes possible:


Allow citizens to contact you via their preferred choice of channel, with voice, email and chat all on one intuitive platform. Combined with state-of-the-art call management features, they’ll enjoy minimal waiting and speedy service on their terms.


Answer residents’ queries quickly (and in a single interaction) with instant messaging between contact centre agents and specialist colleagues. This creates a smoother process and ultimately leads to better citizen satisfaction levels.


Give residents and employees the crystal-clear immediacy of HD audio that reduces strain and fatigue for busy call centre staff and offers high-quality citizen experiences.


Empower your employees to connect and collaborate using HD video. Cut back on expensive floor space while enabling remote working and reduced travel costs. Encouraging flexible working initiatives and work from home culture.


Further improve efficiency by automating customer handling processes, while optimising your resources to accommodate busy periods. This allows for a more efficient workflow while providing better outcomes for residents.


Consolidate and reduce your infrastructure and IT costs with everything hosted in a secure cloud. Councils can then re-assign IT staff to more pressing projects, increasing efficiency within the workforce.


Streamline costs further with one integrated bill for video, voice, messaging and contact centre. Easy to manage functionalities with a one fee charge, providing excellent value for taxpayers’ money.


Comply effortlessly with new data regulations (like GDPR) as they emerge. We acknowledge Councils manage and store large amounts of information, with 8x8 we can assure residents privacy is secured in the cloud.

At 8x8, we’ve seen local government clients like Aylesbury Vale District Council transform their citizens’ experience using this technology. AVDC already boasts a customer satisfaction of 90 per cent and rising, as well as substantial annual savings.

Contact our dedicated public sector team at or call 0333 043 8888 to learn why 8x8 is the only complete communications platform that uses the collective power of your organisation to improve citizen and employee experiences across all interaction channels.

1 Local Government Authority survey

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