Digital Expo: Truth or Dare in the Cloud

Didn’t get a chance to catch us at the Digital Expo? 8X8 customer success expert, David Rowlands and John Callachan, CEO at DDC OS UK, talked us through the new business battle-ground: Customer Experience.

While many small businesses struggle to compete on price and product, customer experience is where the winners really start to pull ahead. The stats speak for themselves: 89% of companies plan to compete based on customer experience alone - but only 8% of their customers agree that they provide superior CX to the competition. Although this is tough to swallow, it shows there are some good lessons to learn.

Customer Centric?

It’s a classic case of talking the talk but not walking the walk. It’s easy to talk a good game when it comes to customer service - trust me, you’re not the only business that’s guilty of this - but is your business really customer centric? Not simply in a box ticking way, but actually living it? If you’re wanting to differentiate based on experience, the customer really should be at the centre of all strategic decisions and it should be easy to prove this.


This is where a well trained CX team is key - are they really listening to the customer? If your team is engaged and really demonstrating empathy in customer interactions, this will show in improved customer retention. While AI has a huge role to play in ensuring excellent customer service, the human touch is still vital. If you can show your customers that you genuinely understand and care about their issue or query, the customer experience will be improved hugely. This is where investing in the right training is so important, which brings us onto our next point.


Once you know if your team is really listening, the next thing is to find out if they’re empowered. This means looking at whether they have all the tools required to actually help the customer. Our research shows there are more than 4.6 million customer service staff dealing with enquiries, who don’t work in a traditional contact centre. These ‘informal contact centre’ staff aren’t getting the same support as those who work in customer service full time. One area lacking in investment is technology - more than two fifths of informal contact centre staff (43%) say they don’t have access to customer service technology that would assist them in their role.

Questions about how your business can compete on excellent customer experience? Contact 8x8 to find out more.

David Rowlands


David is responsible for the 8x8 Contact Centre solutions portfolios in the EMEA region, with a passion for using technology to find solutions to business issues for 8x8 clients. His work is featured in the Open Universities Business School and serves as an exemplar of business techniques. [...] Read More >

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