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Kay Phelps is a contact center professional who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. Her experience spans systems engineering, defining requirements for new products and new releases, as well as product management and product marketing. Kay is a frequent speaker at conferences and webinars, has authored numerous industry articles, and has blogged extensively on all things contact center. Kay holds a Masters in Computer Science from Colorado State University as well as a BA in Computer Science and Journalism from East Tennessee State University. Read More>

Articles by: Kay Phelps

What Contact Centre Metrics Actually Matter?



Change is happening at a dizzying pace. Nowadays instead of flagging a taxi, you request an Uber or Lyft. Or, if your destination is just a few blocks away, you might just zip over on a Lime or Byrd. Rather than having cash in your pocket, you may use Apple Pay and a Venmo account. Home for the ev [...]

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A Roadmap to Success with Speech Analytics



Whether you’re heading to a new restaurant on the other side of town or taking a road trip across the country, a GPS helps get you there. Gone are the days of combing through maps, taking notes and picking what you think is the best route—only to be blindsided by traffic delays and detours. But a G [...]

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Should You Come Clean About Chatbots?



How Transparent Should You be About Chatbots? When offering customer assistance via a chatbot, do you let customers know they’re not talking to an agent? Or try to make it seem like they’re chatting with an agent? “Tell them right out of the gate. If you mask a chatbot as a human, I think I’m talki [...]

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