Jessica Smith

Jessica found a passion for customer experience when first introduced to the contact center market back in 2012. Throughout her time in this space, Jessica has worked in Product Marketing, Competitive Intelligence, and Sales Enablement giving a well rounded depth of knowledge applied to her communication practices. Now as a Product Marketing Manager at 8x8, Jessica champions thought leadership, experiential learning, or the promotion of new ideas to keep us all immersed in the changing landscape of CX. When work isn’t the focus, Jessica is a lover of yoga, travel, and just about anything that puts her outdoors.

Articles by: Jessica Smith

Rethinking Video Meetings to Increase Customer Success



It's a strange reality we find ourselves in where employees, in increasing numbers, are hunkered down in remote offices, skipping those in-person meetings. And according to this article, this could very well be the new normal. A question was recently posed in a customer success community about how [...]

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