Andy Rawll

Andy is EMEA Product Marketing Manager for 8x8, based in London. With over 30 years' experience in business development, channel management and marketing roles, he has witnessed the evolution of the telecoms market from early days of carrier deregulation, through the rocket-ride and bubble-burst of the internet boom and then onward to the emergence of cloud communications. A life-long aficionado of live arts in all its forms, he likes nothing better than to follow a day's hard work with an evening soundtracked by the many and varied types of music that rock his world.

Articles by: Andy Rawll

Video Becomes The New Normal for Recruitment



As businesses adjust in these extraordinary times, the need for business continuity is more important than ever. The adage that ‘people buy from people, first’ still applies. First-hand person-to-person interaction fuels the empathy and trust that fosters all mutually beneficial business relationsh [...]

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