Disaster Recovery for Your Business's Call Center

Duplicate your operations with fast and easy failover. Available as a companion service to 8x8 Virtual Contact Center.

Ensuring business continuity in a disaster is significantly magnified when it comes to call centers. Whether your agents are fielding incoming sales calls or customer service inquiries, it’s no secret that customers who can’t reach you won’t be customers for long. Our Contact Center Continuity solution ensures the availability of your mission-critical call center operations – without doubling your costs. With flexible and comprehensive features, you can be sure that in the event of a natural disaster, regional pandemic or human-error-related outage, for your customers it’s “business as usual”. And potential customers will be connected and served – perhaps while your competitors are scrambling to get back online.


  • Duplicate your operations
  • Fast and easy failover
  • Affordable insurance for your call center

Traditionally the only option for companies was to incur the cost of deploying a duplicate, on-premises call center system. But despite this significant investment, there was still no guarantee that the duplicate site would be accessible to agents in the event of a disaster. Designed specifically for call centers, 8x8’s Contact Center Continuity plan prepares companies for unexpected outages by provisioning in our data center a duplicate of your current IVR, call flow and call processing operations. With a simple redirection of the inbound 800 numbers, our innovative solution allows your call center agents to be up and productive immediately following a critical service outage. It’s as simple as that. Your customers call the same number and speak to the same agents, minimizing the impact to both your customers and your business. If your call center is located in a disaster-stricken area, your agents can take calls from the safety of their home since all that’s required are a phone, an Internet connection, and a web browser. Delivered 100% via a SaaS model, our Contact Center Continuity plan allows you to immediately acquire a backup call center for a low subscription fee. Learn about our two Contact Center Continuity offerings:


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