Nolan Smith

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Nolan Smith is a third-year student at California Polytechnic University working towards a Business Finance degree with a minor in Marketing. Nolan loves to combine his knowledge of Finance and Marketing with his experience in the contact center industry, to create relevant content for everyone to gain insight from. With experience in areas such as sales, project management, and product marketing, Nolan’s unique perspective and relentless optimism drives his passion for improving success in himself as well as the organizations he works with. Outside of work, you can find Nolan playing soccer or exploring the coast in San Luis Obispo.

Articles by: Nolan Smith

4 Tips from Top CX Industry Experts Part 2



Without a well-established customer experience, your business can be at a disadvantage in upholding a good reputation and creating customer loyalty. Countless experts have generously shared their ideas and tips on how to utilize a good customer service. This blog builds upon 4 Tips from Top CX Indus [...]

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4 Tips from Top CX Industry Experts



Being a customer experience leader is a tough job for anyone, whether you’ve been at it for one day or your entire career. It seems like the stakes are always changing and keeping up with the latest trends seems like an impossible task. Well, if you’re short on time and in need of some tips for impr [...]

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