Say hello to modern meetings


Experience crystal clear meetings on any device. 8x8 Video Meetings is included in 8x8 Express and 8x8 X Series. Connect employees and customers with high-definition (HD) audio and video.

A clean, intuitive interface and advanced collaboration features help to make all of your audio and video conference calls more productive. You’ll feel like you’re in the same room, even when you’re not.

  • Meet with employees, customers and external partners
  • Start or join a meeting on desktop or mobile
  • Instantly share content on your screen

Build stronger connections

Collaboration is easy with 8x8 Video Meetings. Each employee gets a dedicated virtual conference URL so they can invite others to meet whenever they need. Livestreaming allows you to increase your reach and engage more customers.

  • Give every employee a personal meeting room
  • Livestream to unlimited views over YouTube
  • Record meetings and share as needed, including via Dropbox

Get more done in every meeting


Make your meetings more personalized and interactive. From the moment you schedule a call to the time the last participant leaves, your meetings will go from time sink to time well spent.

  • Schedule 8x8 Video Meetings with your calendar through extensions and plugins
  • Send in-meeting messages to other participants
  • View real-time speaker analytics
  • Virtually raise your hand to let others know you want to speak without interrupting

Meet anytime, anywhere

Anyone can join a meeting, even if they aren’t 8x8 users. Invite customers, collaborators and external partners to virtually meet at any time.

  • Join via smartphone, online browser or conference room phone
  • Call into meetings using dial-in numbers
  • Jump into meetings without downloading an app

8x8 includes voice, video, chat and contact center, so there’s just one platform handling all of your communications needs.

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