Cloud-enabled Voice Communication

8x8 is transforming communications, again. Our unified platform plugs all of your team’s collaboration needs into a fully hosted PBX. The advanced features embedded in every 8x8 phone system will change the way you connect your voice to the world.

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8x8 Transforms Outcomes

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One System, One Unified Solution

Our cloud-hosted phone services set the standards for security, reliability and intuitive design across the industry. 8x8 leverages the packet switching technology at the heart of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to deliver advanced phone service features as a standard part of your voice solution experience.

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Audio Conferencing

Connect to your team your way. 8x8 syncs audio conferencing with a wider array of unified communications tools like video conferencing and chat. That’s a seamless all-in-one experience.

Auto Attendant

An automated attendant connects callers to their preferred extension automatically. Calls are queued in order of reception with no operator required.

Enhanced 911

8x8 developed the first enhanced 911 for VoIP systems. Our technology provides dispatch to the location of a caller in the event of an emergency.

Internet Fax

Internet fax (or efax) is native to internet telephony. 8x8 syncs documents across multiple cloud platforms and streamlines fax delivery.

International Calls

Unlimited, toll-free international calling is available to dozens of countries through 8x8’s secure global network.

Virtual Phone Number

Create a new line in an instant. With 8x8 phone systems, you can create multiple phone numbers to ring to one phone. You can also create one virtual number to ring multiple devices on your network.

Integrated Voicemail

Access your voicemail from multiple devices. Have your voice messages delivered as text, or embedded in your email.

VoIP Phone

Through the 8x8 mobile app, any internet-connected phone becomes a VoIP phone. Your phone number, auto attendant and calling features don’t change.

VoIP Test

Our VoIP phone system experts will test your existing network and assess your compatibility with our VoIP phone systems.

Hosted VoIP Solution vs Traditional Phone Service

Traditional phone services require on-premise hardware to connect your office phone system to the outside world. These private branch exchanges (PBX) act as the central node for all incoming and outgoing phone lines. They are expensive, bulky and require regular in-person maintenance.

8x8 frees you from the cost and hassle of on-premise hardware. We host your phone services on the cloud through a Virtual PBX. You control routing, call waiting, call forwarding and all other system settings from one dashboard accessible anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection.

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What are the major differences between traditional service providers and VoIP providers?

Traditional Telephone Companyvs8x8
On-premise: PBX and related hardware are required to access the telephone network.vsHosted: All you need is internet service to access your 8x8 phone system and its host of advanced features. Have a router? We can get you up and running in moments.
Siloed: Your telephone system can make calls and send and receive faxes through a fax machine.vsIntegrated: Your voice services are integrated with conferencing and messaging solutions. Plus, send faxes directly from your document cloud.
Pay-to-Play: Additional features often require configuration and extra fees.vsAdvanced Features Included: Configure, route and report from one central dashboard on any connected device.
Separate phone bill: Phone companies bill you for access to their networks and present a host of calling plans with extra charges and fees.vsOne simple payment: 8x8’s transparent pricing and clear service levels mean you know exactly what your communications platform costs.

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8x8 has been at the leading edge of VoIP technology for two decades. Our relentless focus on customer outcomes has made us the industry trendsetter in security and compliance. We ensure the highest call quality while keeping your communications secure and private. Explore our technologies and see why you should choose 8x8 today.

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