Moving from PBX to the cloud – what are the challenges?


Breaking the circle of dependence associated with on premise telephony hardware is essential these days. Are you experiencing high recurring software re-fresh costs, outages, a lack of support, lack of spares? If left to continue this can lead to disgruntled staff and a substandard working environment, which ultimately impacts your customer. Legacy IT reliance on hardware is moving quickly to encompass the Cloud. Being able to communicate effectively is essential to business success.

This blog explains why you should consider moving to a single cloud-based platform and not multiple cloud-based solutions.

The benefits of the cloud

The 8x8 Cloud brings together customer communications voice, video, messaging, meetings and call centre solutions into a single, seamless communications experience.

  • No new maintenance fees—No need to buy, lease, or pay maintenance fees on a complex PBX system at your office; your hosted PBX solution is delivered right over your Internet connection.
  • Cost Savings – Installing a cloud-based system can save businesses about 50% off their phone bill and up to 90% off what it would cost them to invest in a traditional PBX system.
  • All your needs in one place – A cloud-based solution allows you to get everything you need from one company: your phones, all your calling features, and your local, long distance and international calls.
  • Put all employees under the same phone system—Distributed locations, office workers, home-based employees so no matter where they are located, they are only an extension call away from each other. Your business becomes geographically independent.
  • Scalability —order as many extensions as you need now; add more extensions, fax lines, anytime.

Every organisation has its own set of unique challenges and requirements. To ensure a smooth transition, there are some common pitfalls to watch out for when you decide to move to the cloud.

Your infrastructure

A company’s network infrastructure is one of the most important elements for success when moving to the cloud. Voice is the most critical application to be delivered over the network because of the real-time nature and requirements.  It is very important to have a solid infrastructure and connectivity is everything. 


As important as a company’s infrastructure is to experience excellent quality of service, the fact is that there will be remote offices and mobile employees on networks that cannot be controlled by the enterprise. Not all technologies and service providers are equal when it comes to dealing with less than ideal or adverse network conditions when delivering critical real-time voice applications.

At 8x8, we spent a tremendous amount of time enhancing our algorithms to deal with these less than ideal network conditions.


It goes without saying that you should test early and often. Your provider MUST partner with you to create a detailed test plan and make sure testing is implemented at every single stage before going live. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile with less dependence on desk phones, one of the most important overlooked items is testing your WiFi. At 8x8, we have built a tool for customers to thoroughly and comprehensively test and assess their local network and connectivity with a click of a button.


For every company, moving to the cloud is a custom solution that we take very seriously. Should you roll out everything all at once or gradually release in phases? How will you plan to train users to make it as painless as possible? We partner closely with our customers to help define and support the transition strategy that best meets the organisation’s business needs.

Adopting the cloud doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact it’s easy. The benefits of reduced costs and complexity, flexible scalability, and lower per-unit cost are simply too alluring to ignore.

For more details on how 8x8 can help you move to the cloud, download our free whitepaper – ‘Your PBX is killing your business. 5 reasons to ditch it for the cloud’.

David Rowlands


David is responsible for the 8x8 Contact Centre solutions portfolios in the EMEA region, with a passion for using technology to find solutions to business issues for 8x8 clients. His work is featured in the Open Universities Business School and serves as an exemplar of business techniques. [...] Read More >

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