Creating an exceptional health care journey is more difficult than ever before.

Why is that? There is a growing disconnect between the experience caregivers want to provide but cannot, and the experience patients want and actually receive. Patients are struggling with how to navigate the health care system with their wallets, pride and health intact. What they really want is convenience and simplicity. Meanwhile, providers are struggling to balance the high costs of care and growing demands on their time with their primary concern: helping their patients be healthy.

Have a look at this infographic (or view it as a full-size PDF) to find out more about the health care communications transformation, and how 8x8 helps you simplify with:

1 System that enables communication any time, anywhere, on any device
1 Platform for voice, video conferencing, chat, and contact center 
1 Environment enabling maximum security, compliance, reliability and quality
1 Data set across all communication touchpoints for insight and analytics
1 Provider to simplify communications and eliminate risk from multiple vendors
1 Application for easy, centralized administration and maintenance