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Jeffrey Foley
Aug 03, 2020

Works sometimes and when it does it's fine

Shaimaa Moussa
Aug 01, 2020

Amazing app and it shows all the details and it's making it easy for us after working hours

Colin Wood
Jul 30, 2020

Call quality is sometimes an issue.

mark patrick
Jul 30, 2020

Hard to find ways to customize

Marc DeCoste
Jul 30, 2020

It was virtually great but physically impossible or horrible

Debra Johnson
Jul 30, 2020

The service is excellent.

Ambrose Nwaimo
Jul 30, 2020

Its doing okay. Great idea from your organizatoon.

Valerie M.
Jul 30, 2020

Overall I really like the VoIP system. As an account manager I am able to easily administer the extensions. Our offices are in two cities and its nice being part of one system. We have multiple companies under one corporate umbrella and I am easily able to manage ring groups and call routing so calls are answered promptly and with the right company name. How I use the system is constantly evolving as I discover new features and try out ways to utilize them to make our business flow better. Support is kind of hit or miss though. As a larger account, I’m in a dedicated higher level queue. Even so it seems sometimes the person I’m talking to takes a looong time to grasp the issue. Also, they recently implemented a automated phone tree attendant on the line which is just annoying. There are some quirks to the online Account Manager which I hope to see worked through. The system is so feature rich it can be daunting but that’s also what makes it cool.

Brian H.
Jul 30, 2020

As a psychologist running my own practice, security and accessibility are key. My communication is encrypted to protect my clients’ information. I love the convenience of having access to my calls, SMS messages, and faxes on my cell phone and laptop when I am out of the office, as well as the sturdiness of a desktop phone wired into my router in the office. That way, I am less dependent on the status of my cell phone battery or whether I remembered my hands free device when I know I am going to be on hold for a long time. 8×8 gives me the best of both worlds!

joe faugno
Jul 29, 2020

There is a slight delay in the calls when I speak. Have to wait a second or two before I say something else. Need to wait for there response.

Get a business phone system today!
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