Queued Callback

Eliminate long hold times and boost caller satisfaction. With Queued Callback, waiting callers can opt out of the hold queue—without losing their place in line—and receive a callback when an agent becomes available.

A Better Way to Wait on Hold


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in two places at once? With 8x8’s Queued Callback, your callers can do just that.

Queued Callback gives callers the option to stop waiting on hold, input their phone number and receive an automatic callback as soon as it’s their turn.

So your customers wait a virtual line—while going about their business. It’s the sort of enhanced customer experience that builds loyalty and differentiates your brand.

Everybody wins. Customers don’t have to wait on hold, and the demand for agents is smoothed.

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8x8 Queued Callback Benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction—Customers get quick solutions to any problem without waiting on hold—what more can a customer ask for?
  • Shorter wait times—With Queued Callback, long hold times are eliminated, and abandoned calls are reduced. The result is an improved average speed-of-answer and happier customers.
  • Increased agent effectiveness—Agents are presented with a “screen pop” of the customer’s CRM record before calling the customer so they can gather any needed information. Then they are better prepared to quickly solve the customer’s problem.
  • Regulatory relief—For regulated industries, time spent in the virtual queue is typically not counted against hold time and average answering speed measurements. Queued Callback transforms performance data in this area. This gives regulated organizations the option to reduce staffing levels at peak call times, providing significant cost savings.

Key Features

  • Configurable queue length—Once the queue reaches a pre-determined length, callers are offered the queued callback option.
  • Opt out of queue—Customers are offered a chance to opt out of the queue and receive a callback instead, without losing their place in line.
  • Callback with screen pop—Once it’s the customer’s turn to be called, the agent is offered the call along with a screen pop with the customer’s information, and the customer is called as soon as the agent is fully prepared.


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