Multi-Channel Contact Center

Meet your customers on the channels they choose: phone, email, chat, social media (Facebook, Twitter) and more.

Let your customers choose the channels they communicate on — or change them if they want. With 8x8, you can manage customer contacts with a 360-degree view of all of a customer’s communications on all channels, including phone, email, chat, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and the web.

Contact Sales

Easy and Efficient

8x8 Virtual Contact Center speeds up contacts, with a powerful FAQ knowledgebase for fast answers to popular questions. Quickly find and drop answers into the text of an email, chat, or social media (Facebook, Twitter), for consistent, concise answers in a couple of keystrokes.

No Need to Hold

Imagine serving your customers without ever putting them on hold. Customers can request to talk to an agent from the web or via an IVR interaction. Agents call back or start a chat session later. No waiting on hold—and agents can review customer histories BEFORE they get on the phone, for happier customers and faster resolution.

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