What You Need to Know About 8x8 Dialers

Using a call center dialer can make your call centers more efficient by shortening the wait time between calls, reducing your dropped call rate, prioritizing quality leads, and making things easier for your agents. 8x8 Dialers help accelerate the outbound call processing for any contact center.

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8x8 Dialer is a system that provides accelerated outbound calling with support for preview and predictive call management and intelligent identification of erroneous connections. 8x8 Dialer reduces the time spent handling bad connections, maintains a high level of agent activities and actions and allows the 8x8 customer to increase the number of outbound calls handled.The solution provides benefits in outbound calling like accelerated agent connection rates to maintain their focus and ensure efficient customer handling, efficiently meeting TCPA regulations for compliance with government standards and dynamic list management, allowing campaign lists to be maintained during call processing while offering reports detailing past call processing and interactions.

Preview Plus dialer

As part of the latest release of 8x8 Contact Center, the Preview Plus dialer takes the standard outbound dialing requirements and adds some key features for faster agent call handling and reductions in time spent managing call lists.

The Preview Plus feature includes 8x8 Persistent Connection. Persistent means the agent is always connected to the incoming communications channel, reducing the time spent in other systems to select calls and then answering the provided connected numbers. Persistent Connection allows the agent to immediately select a connected number and begin communication to the user on the other end.

8x8 includes a patented algorithm for advanced answering machine detection, again expediting call handling by allowing the system to identify the ‘good’ connections before presenting the call to the agent. Preview Plus incorporates automatic connection to vendors that provide Carrier Call Blocking features. This means that as your campaign number list is outputted the dialed number is first checked by the CCB vendor. If the number is on a Do Not Call (DNC) list the attempt is stopped prior to any connection and a transaction code is recorded for the 8x8 CC administrator reports.

Today 8x8 Preview Plus offers an efficient interface for expediting agent processing of outbound calls and supports the needs of the majority of campaigns.

In the future 8x8 will incorporate advanced predictive algorithms for even faster outbound dialing requirements.

The 8x8 Contact Center provides the outbound features you need for your most effective campaign dialing requirements.

8x8 Contact Center

Combining a cloud call center dialer with your overall contact center strategy can make your outbound and inbound services more efficient. Add real-time analytics, performance ranking, and skills-based routing and you have the tools for success.

Using call center dialer software with your 8x8 call center can save you time and money. Without the need to spend on expensive hardware, systems can be set up quickly using a web-based agent and administrator consoles. Efficient routing of calls can make sure agents’ time is used wisely and analytics can identify bottlenecks, monitor performance, and help with training.

Call centers rely on their technology to empower them to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Contact Center, you get world-class technology and everything your call center needs in one place. 

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