8x8 Co-browsing

Increase sales and reduce customer frustration by offering a helping hand on your web page with 8x8’s Co-browsing feature.

8x8’s Co-browsing capability allows your agents to quickly help customers find the information they are looking for, or clarify any questions they may have while filling out a form online. This reduces sales friction, improves the customer experience, and helps build positive, profitable relationships with your customers.

Contact Sales

Visual, Real-Time Web Page Assistance
  • Share any page from your website
  • Ensure customer privacy and security by encrypting sensitive data from the agent’s view
  • Easily follow along by viewing the agent’s mouse location and movement
  • Highlight key elements on the page with drawing tools
  • Take control of the customer’s screen, with permission
  • Spotlight the agent’s mouse on the page with mouse highlight tools
Higher Conversion Rates, Lower Abandon Rates

Agents can use the 8x8 Co-browsing feature to assist customers at just the right moment to save a sale or avoid the sort of frustration that could cause them to turn to your competitors. Agents can take control of the customer’s screen to either help a customer navigate on a web page or to enter information on the customer’s behalf.

Customer Information Stays Secure

With 8x8 Co-browsing, you decide which data entry fields on your web page contain sensitive customer information and protect those fields. Any field that is protected will show display data on the customer side but the agent will only see asterisks in those fields, ensuring that sensitive data like social security numbers and credit card numbers are protected.

See What the Customer Sees

The 8x8 Co-browsing feature allows your agents to see exactly what is on the customer’s page. When the customer is looking at a small screen, the agent’s screen will truncate to show only the portion of a screen that a customer is looking at. This avoids agents telling customers to click on a button at the bottom of a page that they cannot see without scrolling first.

How 8x8 Co-browsing Works

Customers can follow the agent’s mouse pointer on their screen.


Agents use drawing tools to highlight important elements on the page for the customer.


Agent and customer both see the same web page and can see each other’s mouse movements and typing, other than protected fields.


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