Call Center Recording

Use Call Recording for call center compliance, record keeping, agent training and process improvement.

Contact Sales

Call recording is an essential tool for call centers. Call recording is used for a variety of reasons:

  • Improve customer service quality by evaluating agent-customer interactions.
  • Train new contact center agents.
  • Save recordings for compliance or as a record of a phone transaction.

Record calls based on:

  • Percentage of calls by skill/queue
  • Percentage by agent ID inbound and/or outbound
  • Agent discretion by clicking a button on the agent toolbar

You can record only those calls that make sense for the business. For example, record a percentage of agent calls for quality assurance training or 100% of sales calls to keep a record of customers agreeing to a sale.

Recordings are indexed with calls for easy retrieval and playback from any authorized supervisor position. Individual recordings can be played back or saved to disk. A secure FTP site is provided to download recordings in bulk. 8x8 has a number of recording storage options to meet your needs

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