Virtual Contact Center and Zendesk Integration

How It Works

The 8x8 Virtual Contact Center integration with Zendesk, allows your agents to control customer contacts within the Zendesk desktop environment. This integration enables agents to show their availability and to interact with customers via phone or chat media. Virtual Contact Center will queue and manage customer interactions to make sure that customers go to the agent who can best help them. The integration can use the telephone number of the caller to look up the customer in the Zendesk database. It then provides information on that customer and any open tickets to the agent when the call is sent. This saves the agent and the customer a significant amount of time.


The 8x8/Zendesk integration allows you to perform your Zendesk account activities using the integrated Agent Console with the following features:

  • Multichannel support including phone, chat, and voicemail channels
  • Fully integrated Agent Console
  • Visibility to queue status and agent presence
  • Support for all Zendesk objects – organization, user and ticket
  • Screen pop of the matching end user data during inbound interactions
  • Screen pop based on caller ID, ticket ID for phone media
  • Screen pop based on email ID, ticket ID for chat media
  • Ability to record custom messages for agents
  • Ability to track historical data of agent activity using Historical Reports (Supervisor only)
  • Ability to monitor agent activity (Supervisor only)
Understanding Screen Pop

Screen Pop refers to the process of presenting end user data to an agent automatically during an interaction eliminating the need to manually search for the customer data. Screen pop occurs when the interaction is offered to an agent within the Zendesk dashboard. The process involves searching for end user records with:

  • Phone field matching caller ANI (Automatic Number Identification) for phone and voicemail media ticket ID for phone and chat interactions
  • Displaying the search results on the agent’s screen

The Screen Pop applies to inbound transactions including phone, chat, and voicemail. If the search retrieves multiple records, the Screen Pop lists all matches in a table, and displays the details of the first record. If the search fails to find matching records, it pops a new end user record.

8x8 and Zendesk Give Agents One Unified View
The Screen Pop Decision Process

The graphic below shows how 8x8 makes decisions on what information to display for the agent. This logic flow is how the system works “out of the box”. No customization is required to enable this functionality.

Inbound Interaction Flow
Zendesk - Understanding screen pop
Understanding Auto Log

Termination of all phone and chat interactions using the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center application triggers an auto log. An auto log captures transaction details of interactions. For example, a call log includes information about the call answered time, call duration, call termination time, and more. Accepting an inbound interaction triggers a new ticket. At the termination of the call, the ticket gets updated with the auto log information. Virtual Contact Center has powerful reporting on agent interactions and provides data to the Zendesk reporting system. The application provides significant functionality out-of-the-box with minimal configuration and can be extended through APIs to increase agent productivity.

Zendesk - Understanding auto log
Summing It Up

8x8 offers a tight integration into the Zendesk ticketing and support environment. With this integration the 8x8 desktop fits within the Zendesk environment and input 8x8 gathers from customer interactions can be used to drive database lookups in the Zendesk database to deliver screen pops containing relevant customer information at the same time a call arrives. Most organization’s needs will be met with the system rules as they are made available “out of the box”, requiring no configuration. In some cases organizations may choose customization to better meet their process flow. In addition, the 8x8 and Zendesk integration supports shared reporting information, which allows organizations to see the full breadth of the customer issue and interactions. The combination of these two systems allow organizations to deliver a new level of service to their customers that makes every interaction more efficient, reducing costs while enhancing customer loyalty.


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