Contact Center Proactive Chat

Selectively extend chat to your most important web visitors while balancing the existing demands on your service organization. Customers appreciate the attention during their time of need, while your sales teams engage with high-value prospects.

Improve Sales and Service with Proactive Chat

Customers hover with care over your web pages when deciding whether to make a purchase, ask a question or request help with a service issue. Being passive with your engagement strategy at this time is not a best practice. Yet, can your operations handle the unexpected chat load?

With 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, you can improve customer engagement by proactively offering web chat with live agents. You decide when and where to offer a chat based on web page hover time or your organization’s chat capacity. Customer information from the web interaction can be used to drive screen pops to the agent to make the interaction as efficient as possible.

Intelligent Engagement with Proactive Chat

Proactive Chat intelligently expands customer engagement to key web visitors without overloading agent capacity. Administrators like the ease of the single scripting environment for voice, email and chat. Supervisors value how agents can improve workload by managing multiple chats. Customers love getting help when it counts.



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