Post-Call Survey

Capture the voice of the customer with 8x8’s native post-call survey application.

What better way is there to truly understand what your customers care about than simply asking them?

Direct customer feedback reveals what’s really on their mind and allows contact centers to take appropriate action to ensure their customer engagement management strategy is optimized to meet customer needs.

Contact center post-call survey

8x8’s post-call survey application is designed as a flexible tool to be offered:

  • Automatically, via IVR
  • Directly by agents, or
  • Independently, as a stand-alone survey

Types of survey questions

You can include a variety of survey questions in formats such as:

  • Scale: Allows callers to respond to questions with a numerical input.
  • Yes/No: Use this question type to prompt for a Yes/No answer.
  • Voice Comment: Allows callers to leave a voice comment (“We would like to hear your feedback. Please leave your comments.”). You can set up the maximum recording time and the prompt to start recording.

Metrics categories

Gather direct feedback from callers on topics such as:

  • Customer satisfaction: “How satisfied are you with the overall experience of our service?”
  • Agent performance: “How do you rate the service quality of the agent who served you on the call?”
  • First call resolution: “Was the issue resolved at first call or did you call more than once?”
  • Net promoter score: “Would you recommend our service to your family or friends?”

View and analyze survey results using intuitive and customizable charts and graphs. This makes it easy to translate raw data into actionable intelligence.



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