Neale Faulkner

Neale Faulkner of Teleopti has been a specialist within the Workforce Management industry for over 10 years, working as Project Manager and consultant firstly for Datapulse (now known as Enghouse), delivering WFM software to clients within the UK, and for the last 7 years with Teleopti, to clients worldwide. In all, he has been responsible for the successful deployment of WFM to over 90 contact centres.

His expertise and extensive experience for understanding what customers want from a WFM system are now being put to use as he leads development for Teleopti. As Head of Product Management, he ensures that the customer-focused development that has helped make Teleopti a leading supplier is at the forefront of their future innovation in workforce management. Read More>

Articles by: Neale Faulkner

Call Center Software Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of WFM



What a difference a year makes! Last year, so much of the debate surrounding cloud applications centered on the decision, “To cloud or not to cloud?” This year, for many companies, that is no longer the question, as cloud-based apps not only get exponentially better, but start to integrate with each [...]

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