Jacqueline Nasser-Kolek

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Articles by: Jacqueline Nasser-Kolek

Don’t Let Bloated Business Phone Service Make You Miss the Next Great Wave



You can’t ride an awesome wave of opportunity with an old-style PBX closet or Grandma Bell carrier. That’s why a well-known surfboard company has ditched theirs, in favor of VoIP business phone service by 8x8. “Traditional phones systems are too bloated and expensive for a small business like ours [...]

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VoIP Service Electrifies Real Estate Biz With New Mobility and Features



The National Small Business Association recently reported that 59 percent of small-business owners either expected growth in the coming year or already are growing. Yet many are finding that their small business phone service—particularly the on-premises PBXs that usually have their own wiring close [...]

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