Claire Noack

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Claire is a marketing intern at 8x8. She is an English major at University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. She is also a regular columnist at TommieMedia. Read More>

Articles by: Claire Noack

Can Your People Learn Better If They Have More Fun?



Denise Martin, Director of Training, 8x8, Inc. You’re trudging off to what you expect will be a boring training, mind-numbing meeting or stupefying staff event. You’re late. You expect the obligatory PowerPoint presentation, the kind that turned the word “multitasking” into a euphemism for not payin [...]

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If You Want to Communicate What’s Important, Gamify!



To students, working in the business world can sometimes seem synonymous with “all work and no play.” So, as a new intern at 8x8, I didn’t really expect anything fun or out-of-the-box to happen over the summer, let alone within the first month of working here. I was just happy to be working at the # [...]

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Are Stereotypes Costing You Customers? 6 Millennial Service Tips



How well does your business know its Millennial customers and employees? As the Millennial Generation enters its twenties and thirties, they are becoming a powerful driving force in all aspects of business. Already, they will spend an estimated $200 billion annuall [...]

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