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Michael Armer is Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at 8x8. He brings over 20 years of cybersecurity and information technology leadership experience to 8x8 in the areas of data privacy, intellectual property protection, risk management and corporate cyber governance. Most recently, he was VP and CISO at Barrick Gold Corporation and prior to that served as the head of information security for Lam Research Corporation.

Articles by: Michael Armer

Encrypted Video Meetings: How Secure Are Your Organization’s Communications?



The stakes have never been higher for security and IT professionals Concerns over COVID-19 related illness, government shelter in place orders, and inconsistent messaging between state and federal government as to when we might get back to our normal routines have left us guessing. The good news, d [...]

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Owning The Technology Stack Delivers Better Security



In my comments last week I addressed the security issues related to Zoom meetings and unauthorized camera activation and use for Mac users. While everyone may wish their critical infrastructure could be compromise-free in perpetuity, vulnerabilities are inevitable. As a result, managing and securin [...]

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8x8's Security First Culture - Protect Our Customers



There’s been a lot of recent media attention about security and privacy issues with Zoom meetings and, reportedly, a few of their telecommunications partners, such as RingCentral. According to media reports, the exploit allowed unauthorized camera activation and use. The vulnerability was identif [...]

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