8x8 Awarded Seven New Patents Related to Truly Unified Communications

At 8x8, we aim to stay nimble, responsive and innovative as the company revolutionizes the business communications industry by unifying cloud telephony, messaging, meetings and contact center solutions along with big data and speech analytics on a single cloud platform. Our goal is to deliver companies the most advanced truly unified communications solutions available so they can run their businesses smarter and faster to deliver a game-changing customer experience.

8x8’s latest recognition for ongoing innovation is the awarding of seven new U.S. patents in our fiscal year 2018 second quarter, ending September 30, 2017, that cover innovative technologies that improve global communications and contact center solutions. This raises our total number of awarded patents from 137 to 144 overall.

The seven new 8x8 patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) are:

United States Patent number 9,699,226 titled, “Display dependent analytics,” awarded on July 4. This patent relates to call summary metrics of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls routed by an Internet Protocol private branch exchange (IPBX) server;

United States Patent number 9,705,943 titled, “User configurable data storage,” awarded on July 11. This invention enables VoIP call data generated to be associated with the specific user accounts;

United States Patent number 9,762,737 titled, “IPBX control interface for distributed networks,” awarded on September 12. This patent is related to the routing of VoIP calls by an IPBX server in a distributed network;

United States Patent number 9,762,633 titled, “Systems and methods for distributed conferencing,” awarded on September 12. This patent relates to conferencing systems and methods of generating and transmitting meeting media content to each participant;

United States Patent number 9,762,738 titled, “Systems, methods, devices and arrangements for unified messaging,” awarded on September 12. This invention involves a comprehensive system that facilitates the communication of multiple types of content (e.g. audio, video, text, social, etc) to a web browser;

United States Patent number 9,769,312 titled, “User-configurable recording of VOIP calls,” awarded on September 19. This patent is related to the settings to enable and prevent the recording of VoIP calls by users;

and United States Patent number 9,769,321 titled, “Systems, methods, devices and arrangements for cost-effective routing,” awarded on September 19. This invention has been implemented for assessing and/or controlling cost-effective routing for VoIP calls, taking into account location and call quality.

Our innovation is accelerating with an accomplished, product team of experts that are focused on pushing the envelope on communication technologies. We’re scaling globally to meet the challenging business requirements of all of our customers so they can seamlessly communicate, collaborate and make decisions faster and deliver an unmatched customer experience to their customers. Stay tuned for more innovation announcements from 8x8!

Learn why 8x8 is recognized for its ongoing innovation by reading the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, Worldwide, where 8x8 was named a Leader for the sixth year in a row.

Bryan Martin


Bryan R. Martin is Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer at 8x8. With over two decades of service to the Company, including 11 years as Chief Executive Officer, Martin has been a key figure in 8x8’s growth, leading the company from its early days as a VoIP pioneer to becoming the leading provider of Unified Communications as a Service solutions. [...] Read More >